Connecting Africa’s future leaders with companies that care

A fintech platform that allows public schools to advertise their fundraising requests as campaigns to corporate funders.

Creating Social Impact
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Kindness Makes A Difference
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Sustainability for People, Planet, Profit
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Diversity and Financial Inclusion
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Sustainability for People, Planet, Profit
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Kindness Makes A Difference
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Promoting financial inclusion so that every child and young person can access quality education to pave the way for a more promising and prosperous future.

Humanize is an innovative CSR Management Platform that enables corporations to swiftly and efficiently support underserved public schools by funding their immediate and pressing needs. 

By redirecting funding and resources to bridge this gap, we can ensure equal access to quality education for all, fostering a more prosperous and equitable future that benefits everyone.

Companies can now play an integral role in shaping the lives of Africa’s future leaders by funding education-based needs. With this effortless and impactful contribution, companies can create a lasting impact on education and empower the next generation of leaders.

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Built for schools and companies that do little things to make a big difference

It is now more important than ever before to demonstrate the need to do everything possible to preserve the environment we live in for future generations, not just by eliminating our negative environmental effects, but also by developing a better and equal society through education.

For Companies

Promote your brand purpose by supporting and uplifting underserved schools in need of hope and a brighter future

Create a better society, company culture, and brand that people love and support.

For Schools

Empower your school by connecting with companies that care to support and empower your school, teachers, and students.

Create campaigns that your school needs to ignite a quality education and a bright future for your students.

Campaign Categories

Types of campaigns that can be created and funded

Sanitary essentials

Toilet repairs/maintenance and essentials (cleaning equipment, hand soap, detergents, sanitary pads, toilet paper, etc.)

Classroom equipment

Classroom repairs/maintenance and essentials (books, stationary, desk, chairs, etc.)

Sports & recreation

Playground/sports centre repairs /maintenance (balls, equipment, coach, facilities, etc.)


Field trips/arts and culture excursions, entrance tickets, insurance, etc. 

Uniform & diet

School uniforms, shoes, bags, meal packs, soup kitchens, school farms, etc. 

Mentorship & coaching

Mentorship, counselling, social worker, psychologist, etc.

Skills development

Critical thinking, entrepreneurship development, communication skills,
organisational skills, creative thinking, leadership skills, etc. 

Computer / Tech equipment

Media center, Laptops, WIFI, mobile devices, routers, etc.

Disability equipment

Wheelchairs, hearing aid, spectacles, prosthetics, construction of ramps, disability toilets, etc.

Challenges faced by public schools

Examples of the problems we are trying to solve so that our children can have a memorable schooling experience and future ahead.

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