About us

Humanize Digital is a hybrid (i.e. Crowdfunding and Corporate Social Responsibility Management) fintech platform that allows public schools to advertise their fundraising requests as campaigns to corporate funders.

We developed Humanize Digital to ensure that funds and essential resources are fairly allocated throughout public schools to reduce disparities in social class which may restrict the development and prosperity of students who enrol in public schools.

We aim to ensure that all children have access to quality education and a dignified schooling experience. All registered beneficiaries (e.g. teachers, principals, students, parents, and community members) can raise funds for education-based needs by simply creating a digital campaign.

All raised funds will be used for essentials such as teacher training, classroom furniture, books and stationery, cultural excursions and activities (i.e. arts), toilet maintenance, vegetable gardens, electronic devices, revamping of facilities such as sports centres and playgrounds, classrooms, etc.

What did we build Humanize Digital?

To enable beneficiaries of public / government-funded schools (e.g. teachers, students, parents, and community members) to raise funds for education-based needs by simply creating a digital campaign.

Raised funds will be used for essentials such as teacher training, classroom materials, cultural excursions, toilet maintenance, soup kitchens, or improving school facilities such as sports centers and playgrounds, constructing, repairing, and maintaining classrooms, etc. 


What do you hope to achieve:

To drive Financial Inclusion in the Education System
  • Improved Access to Education: Humanize Digital can help students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to access quality education. By providing them with affordable financing options, scholarships, and other financial support, students can pursue their educational goals without worrying about financial constraints
  • Reduced Drop-Out Rates: Financial difficulties are one of the primary reasons students drop out of school or college. With Humanize Digital, students can receive financial assistance to pay for their tuition, textbooks, and other related expenses, thereby reducing drop-out rates.
  • Increased Affordability: Humanize Digital can help make education more affordable. With access to affordable loans, grants, and other financial products, students can pursue their educational goals without accumulating significant debt.
  • Improved Financial Literacy: Humanize Digital can also provide students with the necessary financial literacy skills to manage their finances effectively. This includes knowledge of budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt. Enhanced
  • Economic Development: Education is one of the primary drivers of economic development. Humanize Digital can help students develop the skills and knowledge required to become productive members of society, thereby contributing to economic growth.

About Baadaye Agency

Welcome to Baadaye Agency. Our name is pronounced BAA-DAH-YEE and it means “Future” in Swahili. We are a B2B digital marketing, media, and technology company that works with leading industry players to create impactful campaigns and cutting-edge digital solutions fit for the future of Africa.

We are enthusiastic about advancing social equality in underrepresented communities, and we do this by improving companies’ interactions with various marginalised consumer groups and communities.

We work and partner with businesses engaged in the following five industries: education, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and consulting. These, in our opinion, are crucial industries that can and will propel Africa’s economic development and inclusion.

Our Values

Sustainability: We think about the needs of today and the future.

Authenticity: We are honest in our intention to do good, by connecting real insight with real solutions.

Partnership: We partner with like-minded people and collaborate for the right outcomes.

Empowerment: We equip our stakeholders to take meaningful action.

Humanity: We start with the betterment of society in mind.

Our Vision

To become the benchmark for sustainable, human-centered social impact digital solutions.

Our Mission

To shape a thriving society for current and future generations, through technology-led platforms that open doors to new opportunities for all.

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